dimanche 31 mars 2013



 Le réservoir de Fabrice est peint et il rassemble ses pièces. 
Fabrice's tank is painted and he's getting all his parts together.

In clutch we trust


C'est notre première année, nous travaillons sur l'organisation depuis l'automne dernier et nous avons ouvert la page FB il y a moins d'un mois ... nous sommes super heureux des retours positifs et de l'engouement que nous recevons jusqu'à présent. Merci à tous les préparateurs qui nous ont fait confiance et ont rejoint la fête et merci aussi à tous ceux qui nous ont "liké", cela rajoute encore à la motivation de notre petite équipe.

This is our first year, we work on the event since last autumn and we started the FB page less than a month ago... we are overwhelmed by the feedback and motivation we receive so far. Thanks to all the builders who trusted us and joined the party and thanks to all the people who "liked" us, it brings a lot of motivation to our little team.

Paname Motocyclettes FB

samedi 30 mars 2013


Steve was unavaillable for the 21st, but handsome Guillaume from Tendance Roadster will replace him with brio on the Rickman Metisse Desert Racer. Don and Derek Rickman built this bike for McQueen who raced it a lot.

Rickman chromoly frame with oil in frame, TR6 engine, single Amal carburetor, Ceriani 35mm forks with BSA triple trees, Girling shocks, Triumph and BSA drum brakes.

      Derek and Don Rickman.

Steve n'était pas dispo pour le 21, mais Guillaume de Tendance Roadster le remplacera avec brio sur la Rickman Metisse Desert Racer. Don et Derek Rickman ont construit cette moto pour McQueen qui a beaucoup couru avec.

Cadre Rickman en Chrome Mobylene avec huile dans le cadre, moteur TR6, Mono carbu Amal, fourche Ceriani 35mm avec té BSA, amortisseurs Girling, freins à tambour Triumph et BSA.

vendredi 29 mars 2013

Ready for Paint !

Mr P!ckles is ready for paint !
He choosed the best man in town for the job, Carmouche in St Ouen...

Mr P!ckles est prêt pour la peinture !
Il a choisit le meilleur sur la place pour ce travail, Carmouche à St Ouen...

Photo de l'Atelier Carmouche par Vincent Debacker (Veetess)

jeudi 28 mars 2013


Marco Raymondin owns Brooklands Classic in Alfortville and will present his Triumph Wasp 750.
This bike is a collaboration from him and Atelier Chatokhine. It features a Wasp frame, Magnesium drum brakes (Fontana & Husky), TR6 engine with Morgo 750, cramshaft 31.34, belt primary...

Marco Raymondin est le patron de Brooklands Classic à Alforville et presentera sa Triumph Wasp 750.
Cette moto est une collaboration entre lui et Atelier Chatokhine. Cadre Wasp, freins à tambours magnésium (Fontana & Husky), moteur TR6 avec kit Morgo 750, arbre à cames 31.34, primaire à courroie...

Pictures of the Wasp by Denis Boussard.

Brooklands Classic

mardi 26 mars 2013


Fred is from Lyon and runs Bobber Fucker Motorcycles. He will come show his work on 2 wheels at Paname Motocyclettes.
His latest creation, Fuckin' 80's, is based on a Yamaha XT 550. It was completely reworked and lowered with an hommage to the Skate and BMX scene.
Lettering was done by Alex FatFingers.

Fred le patron de Bobber Fucker Motorcycles viendra de Lyon présenter son boulot à Paname Motocyclettes.
Sa dernière création, Fuckin' 80's, est basée sur une Yamaha XT 550. Elle a été completement retravaillée et rabaissée. Cette machine rend hommage à la scène Skate et BMX.
Le lettrage a été peint par Alex FatFingers.

 Bobber Fucker Facebook

lundi 25 mars 2013


One of our invited builders, Dimitri Hettingua from Amsterdam has something dirty in the works...
Starting with another Honda Cub, his next project, the Dirty Donkey is in the early stage:

Un de nos préparateurs invités, le hollandais Dimitri Hettingua  a quelque chose de dirty en préparation...
A nouveau sur une base de Honda Cub, son nouveau projet, la Dirty Donkey en est au stade préparatoire:

pic stolen from the excellent Bubble Visor: http://bubblevisor.blogspot.com/

dimanche 24 mars 2013


Atari San polishs his parts for the 21st April...
He's almost ready.
Are you?

Atari San polit ses pièces en alu pour le 21 Avril...
Il est presque prêt.
Et vous?


mardi 19 mars 2013


You may think American V-twins are made for cruising around at 60mph, long distance rides, with a girl in the back and few tools and a tent in the bags.......
Well that's not exactly what Nico from Zodiac France thinks.
He thinks a V-twin should have as much cubic inches as possible, and he never have enough horsepower...

Currently his bike features:
S&S engine 96 ci (1572 cc)
11.5 compression
One off breech engine head
Special crankshaft by Andrews
Carburetor mikuni HSR48
Pipes by freedom performance
Ignition by daytona twin tec
On board electronics Daytona twin tec
One off Kraftech frame
Progressive Suspension shocks
Inverted Ceriani forks
Beringer brakes
Suzuki 1000TLR fairing
About 120/130 horsepower

But this is not enough !
Next step is to go 9.5 compression, fit a Rotrex 15-60 compressor giving 8 to 10 psi of overflow !!
The goal is to reach 160/170 horsepower and get rid of the fairing.

Nico will be at Bonneville this year with his beast, and believe us, he's not goin' there just to bring back a souvenir T-shirt !

Check it out at Paname Motocyclettes.

lundi 18 mars 2013


I mean Cream Motorcycles, off course !

If you think you can't go off road with a vintage German flat twin, you should ask Valery, owner of CRD#14, how Pedro from Cafe Racer Dreams in Madrid worked his magic on this 1971 BMW R75/5.


samedi 16 mars 2013


Details on Dimitri's Super Cub Racer a.k.a. THE SALT SHAKER


vendredi 15 mars 2013


At Paname Motocyclettes we love all kind of bikes, but we have a special affection for traditionnals 60's style choppers, so we are very happy to count one of the finest specimen this side of the Atlantic with us !

Alex just did the finishing touches this winter on his '52 Panhead: new tank, new paint, new exhausts to get along with all the previous fab work he did on his (almost) daily rider.

This is Paname, Not So-Cal !!

Wishbone frame, Sissy Bar, Jockey Shift, Mid-Controls, Wassel tank, Bates seat, VL forks, 18" & 21", what else do you want ?!
Just hit the road....

If you need fab work done on your bike, or metal work such as shop signs, tables, custom made shelfs, drawers: Anaheim Fabrication is the place !


jeudi 14 mars 2013


Machines et Moteurs is the best shop for tune and service on vintage british in the Paris area.
They also build high quality modified motorcycles.
One of the best example is "la Triumph de Bill Carbu" a dragster bike, based on the comic book by Denis Sire "6T Melody".
The quality of craftmanship is beyond words, just come to the show and see it for yourself.

One off frame, hardtailed and modified
1955 Triumph preunit lower engine
750cc Morgo kit
Carrillo rods
Modified T120 Cranckshaft
Bigger valves and Kibblewhite springs
Modified pushrods
Johnson Cam’s. camshafts
Mikunis VM36 Carburetors
Joe Hunt Magneto
One off gearbox sprocket by France Equipement
18" and 21" Morad wheels by L’Officina
Paint by Ateliers Carmouche

........ Godspeed !!!!


mercredi 13 mars 2013


Willie is originally from the U.S.A. but his shop is right here, downtown Paname, the city of love & motocyclettes !
He has several projects goin' on, one of them is made specially for the 21st of April.


mardi 12 mars 2013


Atari-San is working on a new sporty for the show


Paname Motocyclettes is your chance to ride with him in the streets of Paris !!!



... don't give a fuck !

New Satanic XS Chopper to be revealed at Paname Motocyclettes !!!


lundi 11 mars 2013

Pierre-Louis # 111

Pierre-Louis is racing in vintage class.
Here's the last version of his 500 SR, plenty of custom made parts and adaptation in only one purpose: PERFORMANCE !!!

Pierre Louis is constantly upgrading his racer, right now he's building a new engine:
One off breech engine head for better performance in the admission
Double ignition
Bigger and larger cylinder fins for better cooling 
600cc Nikasil cylinder and piston High compression
Carillo long connecting rod chase making it 654cc
Titanium valves
One off modified Crankshaft (for better torque) and Vernier camshaft
Keihin fcr 41 carburetor
High debit exhaust pipe

and with so many more horsepower to come, he needs a rear disk brake so he'll change his rear wheel set up.

Come and see all these upgrades on the 21st April

vendredi 8 mars 2013


Do you like Cream Motorcycles ?!?
Yes you do, and so do we...
Check it out at Paname Motocyclettes !


jeudi 7 mars 2013

Jean Mi from Les Lilas


On his way to Bonneville, Dimitri will make a stop in Paris to show you his Super Cub Racer !!



Come and see the Crosser at Paname Motocyclettes



Atari San will reveal a new XLH at the show



Mr Pickles is working on a XS choppa for the show....
Here they are:




We are the Paname Motocyclettes group and we organize a bike show in Paris.
The goal is to present to the public all styles of bikes: choppers, bobbers, cafe-racers, trackers, etc… focusing on the customizing work done on them.

The event will happen on Sunday 21st April 2013 at Casa Nova* in Paris-Aubervilliers.
Casa Nova is an industrial warehouse and building, today operated by a group of artists from different background (sculptors, painters, production designers for movies, plastics artists, metal artists, etc…).
The schedule of the day will be as follow:
In the morning, we’ll do a ride in Paris and suburbs streets, with the invited builders and whoever wants to join on 2 wheels.
At noon, lunch (by reservation only).
Afternoon, opening to the public to view the bikes and meet the builders until about 7pm.

Nous sommes le collectif Paname Motocyclettes et nous organisons un événement moto à Paris.
Le but est de présenter au public tous types de motos: choppers, bobbers, café-racers, trackers, etc... en privilégiant le travail de transformation effectué dessus.

L'évènement aura lieu le dimanche 21 avril 2013 à Casa Nova* à Paris-Aubervilliers.
Casa Nova est une friche industrielle gérée par des artistes divers (sculpteurs, plasticiens, décorateurs de cinéma, peintres, ferronniers...).
La journée se déroulera de la manière suivante :
Le matin une ballade avec les motos exposées dans Paris et banlieue.
Pause déjeuner (sur réservation).
L'après midi exposition des motos jusqu'à 19h. Les motos seront présentées les unes à coté des autres, dans leur forme brute, sans banderole ni publicité, pour les mettre sur un pied d'égalité et laisser le public les apprécier sans artifices.

* (15-17 rue Danielle Casanova, 93300 Aubervilliers - Paris, Métro: Ligne 7
Fort d'Aubervilliers)